Since our inception in 2011, we have reached over 8,000 students ages 11-14 years old from a wide range of socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds in multiple cities across Oklahoma. Loveworks Leadership, Inc. is a non-profit organization committed to helping middle school students discover their potential and live into their dreams. 

Our programs are designed to empower the creativity, resourcefulness and potential within each student in an effort to develop their character, academic and leadership abillities to ensure future success. Hundreds of volunteers and community professionals help facilitate initiatives that include: experiential leadership projects, community outreach, personal character development, career components and mentorship. Over the past year, our students launched a for-profit business - The REAL Kitchen.

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Our fresh salsa business started when a career interest initiative and the secret recipe from our volunteer chef Phil Peterson collided into a tasty mashup!

It was love at first bite and we thought people everywhere would want a fresh spin on their favorite snack! Chef phil generously gave the recipe to Loveworks with the intent that the students could embark on an entrepreneurial project to gain hands-on experience and lean into their unique career interests.  

Over the past year, our students worked alongside Chef Phil and numerous professional mentors to launch "The REAL Kitchen" and develop a tasty fresh salsa product available weekly at the Norman Farmer's Market. View Products



With each salsa purchase you join us in the effort to break the cycles of poverty and destructive life choices, and provide an incubator space for students to put their ideas into positive action. Looking ahead, we are even more committed to help students discover their potential and live into their dreams. We want to encourage the pursuit of entrepreneurship and higher education, so that we raise up a generation that enhances our communities. Salsa is just the beginning… just wait and see what we cook up next! We invite you to be a part of the story and together, we can develop next generation leaders! 

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